Fine Tubes Marks International Women in Engineering Day

среда, июня 20, 2018

Plymouth, UK, 21 June 2018 -- As a leading manufacturer of precision tubing, Fine Tubes was delighted to support International Women in Engineering Day. As part of its commitment to the event, Fine Tubes asked several women working at its Plymouth operating facility about their working experiences at Fine Tubes and their views on how to encourage more women to become involved in engineering.

For Technical Manager Val Hart, the aspect of her job that she most enjoyed was “making sure that the customer gets the right material of the correct quality and that it arrives in perfect condition.” For Amanda Clark, Procurement Specialist, “The great thing is no two days are the same.” The variety and challenge of working in an engineering environment were consistent themes. As Debbie Andrews, Manufacturing Finishing Team Leader, stated, “The more challenges you give me, the better I perform.”

In terms of changing the gender balance within a traditionally male-orientated industry, there were similar themes. The variety of available jobs also was considered particularly important.

In the words of Kay Friend, Account Representative, “There are lots of different opportunities in an engineering company.  It could be on the factory floor, in a sales position, in the laboratory or in quality control.” So, as Laboratory Technician Viktorija Viktorova explained, “Girls need to start by asking themselves, if they are really interested in math, physics, chemistry or more in finance and the business side of things. Then, they should just go for it. It’s much better to choose what you enjoy.”

For Amanda Clark, the good news is “more is being done than ever before in terms of promoting apprenticeships and engineering in general. You see a lot more communication aimed towards women, than when I was at school. Back then, it was very much that girls would do home economics but not woodwork. Now, I think there is much more gender diversity.” Debbie Andrews seconds that notion by saying, “As the schools put a greater variety of subjects out there for young women to explore, attitudes are changing, and the younger generation of women are getting involved in previously male-dominated careers, like engineering.”

Stressing that girls at school needed to take a long-term view of their future, Val Hart said, “I’d definitely advise them to think about engineering as a career choice. It’s not just about the job that you’ll be doing tomorrow. Think long term, what has the best perspectives and what pays well”.

Organised by the Women’s Engineering Society, International Women in Engineering Day, which takes place annually on June 23, is a global awareness campaign designed to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering and focus attention on the range of career opportunities available to girls across the industry.

Fine Tubes, founded in 1943 and celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, manufactures precision tubes for some of the most critical applications in the aerospace, medical, oil and gas, and energy industries. Its tube mill manufactures seamless, welded and drawn as well as welded tubing in a wide range of metal alloys including titanium, stainless steel and nickel.

The company is part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, a leading manufacturer of multiple forms of high performance specialty metal products, such as precision tubes, strip, foil and wire as well as high purity alloy powders and master alloys.

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